Red Hook Garage, Empty Lot to Become Live/Work Space

A 4,740-square-foot property with a two-story garage and a vacant lot in Red Hook is slated to become a live/work space, according to Realty Collective, which handled its recent sale. The buyers, New York magazine and Vanity Fair writer Vanessa Grigoriadis and designer and builder Craig Maldonado, paid $1,215,000, $85,000 less than the original ask of $1,300,000. The deal closed October 7 and has not yet hit public records.

Maldonado sold his two-bedroom Los Angeles pad asking $889,000 earlier this year. He’s worked on some interesting projects, like this art studio in New Jersey, a nudist colony turned organic farm in Maui, and a shelter in Haiti, in addition to his art direction work for photographer and artist David LaChapelle.

One Comment

  • It would be really wonderful if they built something as creative as some of the works shown on Mr. M’s website. Red Hook could really benefit from some site specific edgy architecture.