House of the Day: 657 E 24th Street


It’s neo-colonial meets Arts and Crafts at this 1915 South Midwood house close to Ditmas Park. There are bay windows, a porch, plenty of stained glass, inlaid floors, neo-colonial mantels and a simple yet charming updated kitchen. Our only quibble is the powder room that steals space from the breakfast room; maybe it could go in the pantry, and a new pantry could extend into the kitchen. The house also has two other bathrooms, six bedrooms and a two-car garage. Do you think it’s a good deal for $980,000?

657 E 24th Street [Mary Kay Gallagher] GMAP

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  • By my (very quick back of the envelope) calculation, this looks to be around 2,600 sq ft (26 x 38 x 2 plus around 600ish for the top floor). Great block, beautiful home. I’m not super tuned in with the Ditmas Park market but with those pluses, anything decent sized under $1M seems like a decent deal. My friends just north and west of here paid $850K for a bigger place a few years ago, but on a less desirable block.

  • Love this house. Love this style/era of homes, too. And it’s near Brooklyn College. Agree it sounds like a good deal. Has brownstone insanity spread that far south yet?


  • How odd, to call that area South Midwood. Shouldn’t it be considered North of Midwood, bordering Southern Flatbush, just north of the rest of Midwood?