Prospect Heights Building Headed Back to Landmarks for Review

The dilapidated home at 578 Carlton Avenue (the one on the right, above) is again coming before Landmarks, which this time will consider an application to restore the building. An application “to deconstruct portions of the building to address hazardous emergency conditions” hit the LPC earlier this summer. Next Tuesday Landmarks will hear an application “to reconstruct the secondary facades, replace the front entrance hood, construct a rear yard addition, and excavate the cellar and the rear yard.” The owners of the wood frame at 580 Carlton were attempting a large-scale renovation last summer but caused a partial building collapse at No. 578 next door. While the owners of 578 Carlton are taking action to save the building, things aren’t looking so good at 580 Carlton. It’s not much more than a supported facade at this point. According to signage on the construction fence, the DOB attempted to inspect what’s left of the building earlier this week.
Prospect Heights Row House Needs Some Help [Brownstoner]

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  • I heard that the neighbors at 578 were making it very difficult for 580 to have access during the project, and that the overall condition at 578 was endangering 580–essentially rendering the project impossible to complete. The whole things seems like a mess.

  • I believe the owners of #578 are the original family who, after years of neglecting both buildings, sold off #580 to a small developer. No surprise 580 collapsed once work began. Really both houses should have been sold together so they could both be rebuilt at the same time. The good news is that LPC approved plans for 580 are on file, so one hopes that’s what will be built here. But it still begs the question of what will happen to the uncollapsed neighbor — which is an ugly fire trap!