Open House Picks

Fort Greene
11A South Elliott Place
Sunday, 12:00-1:30
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Prospect Lefferts Gardens
36 Rutland Road
Saturday, 1:00-3:00
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Prospect Heights
474 Dean Street
Sunday, 12:00-2:00
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Bay Ridge
217 81st Street
Brown Harris Stevens
Sunday, 1:00-3:00
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  • Rutland Rd looks pretty interesting. Dont see many on that block come up especially with parking like that…cant wait to see what that goes for. Looks to be in pretty solid shape also. South Elliott will be gone by Monday if its not gone already…

  • Love the Prospect Heights house. I know it’s close to Barclays, but I don’t understand the 10,000 SF commercial thing… does that mean someone might want to buy it to tear it down and build some monstrosity? I guess that’s what I think that usually means, but this house is so lovely, I thought maybe I was not thinking right.

    Isn’t that a stretch for the Rutland house given all the work it needs? I mean certainly it has nice bones, but I can only assume the bathrooms need as much work as the kitchen.

  • Close to Barclay’s…isn’t it directly across the street? If any house’s mailslot is getting pee’d through after Nets games, it’s that house.

  • Rutland Rd house has been owned by the same family since 1973, and it looks it – note no photos of bathrooms, and check out the appliances in that kitchen! Those are all cosmetic issues of course, but I’d be interested in learning more about the mechanicals and roof.

  • If youre paying around 2mil whats another 100k in bathrooms and a kitchen?…Not many period detailed brownstones come with that much parking anywhere in BK, thats got to be worth something. The question is how much? I guess we’ll all know pretty soon.

    • Eh, the details aren’t that impressive or beautiful, nor particularly well-maintained. I mean, it’s a nice enough house, but I don’t think it would fetch that ask in a lot of Park Slope, let alone PLG. The extra lot makes things interesting, but only if you could actually build another house there and certainly not as is.

  • That’s the highest ask I’ve ever seen in PLG, and $450K higher than the highest previous sale. Can the lot be subdivided and built upon? Assuming a design could pass landmarks, a buyer could do something interesting on the second lot. It’s a gorgeous block.

  • RE: separating the unbuilt portion of the lot; the allowable FAR on Lefferts Manor blocks is pretty small–most houses are built WAY over current FAR. If the lot could be separated, only a very small building (about 1/2 the lot size) could be built and it could only be a single family house, by zoning and covenant restriction. Given the additional difficulty of putting up something new in an Historic District, I don’t see how this wouldn’t be prohibitively expensive.

    BTW, my answer involves a lot of guesswork, so I wish an architect, or other expert would chime in.

  • I can only see the 2nd lot doing exactly what it’s doing right now: serving as a long driveway with access to the garage and rear plot. But I agree, it will be very interesting to see what happens with this.

  • Just left Rutland Rd. #1 The house is enormous, #2 The detail is gorgeous, pics dont do it justice #3 The lot fits up to 6 cars or you can have one gigantic L shaped backyard. The house needs a kitchen and 3 bathrooms. Other than its in great condition, floors are mint, detail is all original wood never painted, mechanicals are good working order. The same house would be 3mil+ in Park Slope… I dont know about 2.1 but I think this house will set a record in PLG.

    • Was the open house crowded? Curious to know if this kind of listing at that price point attracts the crowds we’ve been hearing about elsewhere.

      • No lines out the door on this one but a steady stream of people. There is some original detail, especially on the parlor and first floors, but none on the top floor which also has a small kitchen.

        Floors on the top floor are not original (i think one room may even be laminate) and lots of the original woodwork was painted – especially folding shutters throughout and doors, Structurally it looked good, and was very well-prepared to show – a clean, dry basement (oil heat, hot water tank about 5 yrs old, recent boiler). I think it may go for $1.75 million – not over $2 in any case.

        I think this would be a great purchase for someone to live in now (everything may be circa 1973, but it still works) and renovate at their leisure.

  • I saw 474 Dean Street today and it looks like my 5 year old did the reno when she was 3. What a joke, a ton of work needed here. 11A South Elliott is gorgeous, lots of details and nicely done Reiders has another winner! It’s also nice to see her equally gorgeous associate Yael!

  • I know the Rutland house. Pass by it every single day and ogle over those houses on that first block…really gorgeous, especially mid-block all the way down to end. The house seems pristine and well cared for. Landmarks would never agree to a new building and who would want such. The beauty is the long driveway/parking, and in spring and summer, lovely flowering annuals. 1.85M not a penny less.

  • the rutalnd road house is worth 1.5 as is. the addition of the side lot(which i feel will never be developed) is another 350. throw in another 100 cause its special. i say i beautiful spring day gets 1.95.