Closing Bell: You Can Fund Brooklyn’s First Dinner Boat

Here’s a Brooklyn foodie project we haven’t heard the likes of before: The Water Table, Brooklyn’s “very first dinner boat.” Kelli Farwell, formerly of Rye, Dumont, Craft and Gramercy Tavern, plans to serve seasonal New England food on a tug boat originating from Lake Michigan. Dinner will last the span of a three-hour cruise, which leaves from Greenpoint. Each tour will hold 30 to 35 passengers and will set sail twice nightly, serving dinner on weekdays and lunch on the weekends. The plan is to have The Water Table up and sailing by this summer, and you can help move along the project through the fundraising campaign.

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  • It’s still the wrong boat. To small to light. Check with the original builder Tower Marine in MI. 10ga. Bad idea.

    • Rob, I spoke to the builder of this boat and told him and his team about this project. He said the hull is fine for salt water and that it’s totally fine for the project. It would be great if you’d stop spreading hate to all of my press pages. I’ve reached out to you directly about your qualifications and to find out why you want to give people the impression that this a destined for failure. I did my research. You should do yours.