Watchtower Sells Yet Another Heights Property

The Jehovah’s Witnesses Watchtower Society continues to sell off its many Brooklyn properties. The latest to go is 34 Orange Street, a Brooklyn Heights townhouse that sold for $2,825,000. According to Streeteasy, the property went on the market last September priced at $3,500,000. It hit the market with four other Watchtower properties: 165 Columbia Heights, a carriage house that sold for $4,100,000; 76 Willow Street, no longer on the market; 67 Remsen, which sold for $3,250,000; and 105 Willow Street, no longer on the market.
Holy Moly: Watchtower Continues to Divest in the Heights [Brownstoner] GMAP

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  • Ca$hing out on the Kingdom.
    The Watchtower corporation of New York the ‘Vatican’ of the Jehovah’s Witnesses being a religion,has properties that pay no taxes.
    They have trained ‘volunteer’ constructions crews that build their real estate empire.
    They flip sell as many properties as they build for immense profit.
    That’s religion..

  • How many Watchtower properties are left? There were about 33 or so properties at the JW Headquarters in Brooklyn at one time. I know the Bossert hotel was sold recently for $81 million. Clearly, a land/property rich business/religion.

  • This is a gorgeous row, which sadly lost several tree limbs and a tree or two during Sandy. Well maintained, and all the other buildings, I believe, are individually owned. Now another property will go back on the tax rolls, and more actual people will be living in BH.