Development Watch: More Progress at Navy Green

If you’re wondering what’s up at the Navy Green site in Wallabout, the answer is lots! The first building has completely topped off, and the second is getting there. (When we checked in on it in December, the second building was barely rising.) Work has also begun on the development’s third, 12-story building right off of Flushing. When all is said and done, this will be a mix of supportive housing, affordable rentals, mixed-income co-ops and market-rate town homes. This is what the site will look like when complete.
Another Building Green-lighted for Navy Green [Brownstoner]
Second Building Rising at Navy Green [Brownstoner] GMAP
Development Watch: Navy Green Rising [Brownstoner]

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  • Why can’t it just be a big waterfront park. That’s what the area needs…

    And the walk from the G up to that desolate industrial wasteland.. yeah. Not happening.

  • The G will be irrelevant for the residents of Navy Green. It will be far quicker for residents to simply hop on the B62 on Park Avenue if they want to get to Jay Street for the A,C or F. Residents will also have the option of taking the B57 along Flushing Avenue.

    The B62 also works just as well for heading north to Williamsburg and it allows you to connect with the L at 7th North Street.

    If one wants to head deeper into Brooklyn the B69 runs up Vanderbilt Avenue towards Prospect Park and beyond.

  • This isn’t waterfront – it is between the BQE and Flushing Avenue. Not sure what Blayze means by “not happening” – as it clearly is happening. This area needs people and activity. And housing for those outpriced to the south. I remember when I visited a client at the old jail on this site. If memory serves me (it was 15 years ago) he had decided to dress all in purple for a gunpoint robbery in midtown Manhattan. Identity didn’t seem like a great defense.