Sunset Park’s Art Deco Condo Wave

The Sunset Park Blog is digging the samey-same look of the neighborhood’s new condos, like the new one going up on 48th Street and 8th Avenue. The rendering for the building shows it’s going to look an awful lot like other recent-vintage condos that have dotted 7th Avenue (see, for example, the one on 50th Street, on jump). SPB writes:

It seems that the Chinese architects building new condos on 7th avenue prefer the art deco/bauhaus style of design…at least these buildings are not the drab soviet style buildings that one would find in old Beijing or North Korea or even the square drab buildings that they built in the 40’s and 50’s which are typical of many of the co ops one finds in Sunset Park and Bay Ridge.

Agree that this look is an improvement over some of the area’s older housing stock?
Art Deco Condos of Sunset Park [Sunset Park Blog]
Sunset Park Snapshot, New Condo Edition [Brownstoner]


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  • I’m a big fan of Art Deco but one point that I would like to modify is the ceiling height; make it a double digit 10+’. That way, the windows can have that long vertical look without having to be a floor to ceiling windows.

    This is much better than normal wares.

  • I’d have to agree. The look is compelling. Not necessarily in context, but not fugly either.

    Jury’s still out…

  • Actually, that asshat from the sunset blog doesn’t know his art deco from his whitey tighties. I quote from his site, “I have always had a liking for art deco since I came to New York. Preferring the Chrysler building to the Empire State.” Hello? They’re both art deco you moron. And, these buildings are not art deco either.

  • To the “guest” above. Since I am the blogger at SP let me reply. I did not say that the empire state is not an art deco building. I merely pointed out a preference for the Chrysler over it. And if these buildings are not reminiscent of art deco. What are they? You seem to be such an expert in these matters. I would return the favor and throw an epithet at you. But your attitude is probably reflective of the upbringing your parents gave you, a sad case of the un-civility that some condescending people with IQ’s lower than room temperature seem to have.

  • lol I mean “tighty whiteys”

  • The one at 7th and 50th is a nice dense new apartment building, much better than some of the drab brick fedders going up everywhere else.

  • Could these Chinese builders please put some buildings up along 4th Ave in Park Slope. This rendering is so much beter than the NOVO/Crest/all the other crap going up there.

  • The interesting thing, I find, is that if you go to streeteasy you hardly find a listing for any of the completed buildings in the nabe, at least south of 46th st.

  • IMHO, this building is a c-minus, not great. Certainly nothing to get excited about, and not worthy of the same sentence as either the Chrysler or the Empire State–I mean, come on.

  • If that’s an Art Deco design building, then I’m a 165 lbs, muscular cut, have a full head of thick hair, have clear skin, 6’3″ tall, with a foot long c*ck!

    Art Deco my ass!