Brooklyn Heights House Tour Tomorrow

The annual Brooklyn Heights House and Garden Tour takes place tomorrow from 1 to 5 pm. Compared to some other tours, this one will emphasize quality over quantity. There will be five houses this year, ranging in interior style from 19th-century period design to more contemporary takes on townhouse living. One house that will be of interest to readers is 135 Joralemon (most recently discussed here) which has been painstakingly restored over the past year. To purchase tix in advance (at $30 a pop), call 718-858-9193. The tour begins in the lobby of the St. Ann’s School at 129 Pierrepont Street (at Clinton). Does anyone know what other houses are on the tour?
Landmarks House and Garden Tour [BHA]
Photo by Judith Angel

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  • That house needs black shutters.

  • BHA newsletter doesn’t give addresses of the house on the tour, but reveals that there is one carriage house on Garden Place, two townhouses on Columbia Heights (one on the promenade), one house on Clinton Street, and the house above, which is 135 Joralemon Street

  • Brownstoner:
    it’s been months since you left your job. Where’s all the new features? Where’s the lookbook of your casa? Ideas, etc. Quit holding out on us.

  • i disagree about the shutters. too frou frou. i the minimalness (if that is a word) contrasts niceley with the highly decorative trellising.

  • the restoration of this house is spectacular. all the more so given that it was almost lost through the negligence and irresponsibility of the prior owner who i am told inherited the house from his father. that said, houses from this period had exterior shutters, not frou-frou, but practical shading and security features. my only other small quibble is that the French doors are a bit heavy looking. the sash are to heavy and the area of glass too small.
    But congrats to whomever moves in to this lovely New England style manse.

  • Anyone know if the Joralemon house is on the market, or are the restorers planning on living there?

  • It is definitely on the market and in move in condition, i do not think it is a bargain tho.

  • How did 171 Clinton Street make it onto the house tour? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Re the Joralemon Street house: I was talking to a senior Corcoran broker today about the house. Per her information, the developer wants $6 mil for the house, which would be INSANE given that you can get a tricked-out Heights brownstone for that amount. PropertyShark shows $3 mil in mortgages out on the house (developer’s construction loans?), but still, a six mil asking price….

    I must say, the Joralemon Street house was the one House Tour house that annoyed me – the restoration was a huge contrast with the “before” pictures posted in every room, but the bathrooms were, as my husband termed them, ‘developer’s bathrooms’ and the kitchen was as well. And he got to shill for his house in the darned guidebook – “a modern living space ready for new owners.”

  • I thought the tour was amazing. 212 Columbia Heights was the house featured on Brownstoner a while back as the highest priced house at the time at $8.5 million. I thought the renovation was absolutely stunning, and the other houses were quite nice with the exception of the Joralemon house. The renovation there is shoddy at best. You can do a lot better for $6 million.

  • I thought the restoration of 135 joralemon was tremendous. I cannot imagine someone not liking the new bathrooms. They are beautiful. I’m glad I’m not so picky or insane as the person who thinks the work is “shoddy at best”. what did they want? gold faucets? fur-lined toilets? geesh.