The Triumph of Civic Virtue statue, previously located in Kew Gardens outside Borough Hall (pictured above), moved to Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn last year, with plans to turn the former statue’s home into a plaza. But, reports the New York Daily News, “Rival plans to renovate the broken fountain base of the Triumph of Civic Virtue into a plaza to commemorate women or turn it into a “planted ruin” have stalled.” Outgoing Queens Borough President Helen Marshall wanted a plaza dedicated to women in the space, and she rejected the city’s offer to plant greenery in the now-empty basin. It’s still unclear what will actually happen to the eyesore.

The statue caused quite a bit of controversy when the city decided to move it from Queens to Brooklyn. Some civic leaders and residents fought to keep the statue here and believed it was wrongly taken by the city. Others found the statue offensive and misogynistic, because it’s perceived as a man crushing two female mythical creatures under his foot.

Site Still a Blight, Year After ‘Triumph of Civic Virtue’ was Moved From Queens Borough Hall [NY Daily News]

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A little while back we wrote about the moving of Triumph of Civic Virtue from Kew Gardens to Brooklyn – this is a controversial statue on many levels, and recently some neighbors, like Kew Gardens resident Jon Torodash, believe that it was wrongly taken (decisions made in secret) away from Queens. And then there are some that find the statue offensive and misogynistic (it’s perceived as a dude crushing two female mythical creatures under his foot). We were by Borough Hall the other day, and must admit that it looks like something is missing. But what do you think – should it have stayed in Queens? Does it even matter? Let us know your thoughts on this – leave us a comment here or via twitter at @queensnycity.


Snowmageddon/Snowpocalypse/Fighting Nemo – funny names for crazy snow

Indeed we are in for a crazy blizzard tonight – it’s raining as we write this, but that will change to snow later tonight (perhaps even while you’re reading this). Stay safe, get warm, and we hope you don’t have to travel much today. Here’s more info from the NOAA that might also be of help. The NY Times has a prediction chart, too, from around the Northeast and New England.

To counter that snow, how about a cocktail?

Our friend Fooditka introduced us to the new cocktail offerings at LIC’s Casa Enrique – and they totally make us want to be on a beach in Cancun. Micheladas, margaritas, mojitos, oh my! We almost can’t stand it.

Fond momo memories from the hot days of summer

We love momos (perhaps even more than Chinese dumplings, but don’t tell anyone), and love this article by CitySpoonful on a momo tour that took participants to 16 different joints last summer in Jackson Heights. None other than the talented food tour leader himself, Jeff Orlick, led the momo romp through Jackson Heights on a hot hot hot June evening. They visited some of our favorite spots – Woodside Cafe, Potola Fast Food, and Lhasa Fast Food (in the back of a cell phone store). It’s comforting to think the summer will be back, but momos are also terrific during winter, and Lunar New Year this weekend is one of the best times to eat momos, since they are a celebratory food for the new year.

Triumph of Civic Virtue left for BK in the dark of morning, and will be restored at Green-Wood

The saga of Triumph of Civic Virtue, the statue of that dude standing atop two female mythical creatures, crushing them under his foot (some feel this is misogynistic), continues. Kew Gardens resident Jon Torodash believes the whole decision to move it was done in secret – “There are a lot of issues going on with this statue. Residents were annoyed enough that we were losing such a great work of art but then there was this whole secrecy and these strange channels through the Design Commission.” The other side says, no no no – it was announced in the City Record in November. Good news for the statue itself – the president of Green-Wood (the statue’s new home) says conservation will be done on it come spring. It will get new landscaping, too!

Head to Surfside Bagels on Monday for free food and drink

Free bagels and coffee at Surfside Bagels in the Rockaways on Monday – all day! They are celebrating their grand re-opening after Hurricane Sandy. They make a cheese bagel that is good enough to get its own interview. So head on out there – should be a ton of fun!


The NY Daily News reports that there are a number of Queens residents perturbed that the Triumph of Civic Virtue statue was moved from its long time home near Borough Hall in Kew Gardens to the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. They want to know how and why it was moved, and in December they filed a Freedom of Information Law request with the city for the deets.


First ever literary journal in Queens launches, plus a party

The Newtown Literary Journal, a new publication – the first of its kind in Queens – is making its debut later this week. 26 Queens-based writers have contributed to the inaugural issue, which is available in both print ($10) and electronic ($8) editions. They’re having a party to celebrate it this Friday at Waltz-Astoria at 8pm. So come on out and show them your support! This is a big deal for Queens.

The Thirsty Koala is poised to open – just a little longer, now

Australian-inspired food is the name of the game (lamingtons! Tim Tams! flat whites! lamb lollies! fish tacos!) at Astoria’s The Thirsty Koala, which is just about ready to open up. Hurricane Sandy held back the progress a little, mainly because the city offices they needed to interact with were not fully available at the time of the storm. Anyway, we’re pretty excited to try the food. We got the chance to check out their interior digs, which look amazing. It’s so different in there compared to Spiced, the Indian Chinese restaurant that used to occupy that space. It’s warm and inviting, and we give it a thumbs up.

Triumph of Civic Virtue isn’t going quietly to Brooklyn

Remember we told you about the controversial statue Triumph of Civic Virtue, and how it’s being moved from Kew Gardens to the Green-Wood Cemetery? Well, it – of its supporters – is not going quietly. It’s got itself a Facebook page, a website, and lots of chatter, most recently about a protest held by concerned citizens who want it to stay put. The current strife is being couched as City Councilman Peter Vallone (Astoria) vs. Queens Borough President Helen Marshall. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Sandy aid from the Federal government – $60.4 billion

Yes, that’s billion – Hurricane Sandy tore it up big time and as wel know, it left a ton of damage. On Friday, 12/7/12, President Obama asked Congress fro $60.4 billion in aid to help New York, New Jersey, and other states affected negatively by Sandy. According to WNYC, “it’s on track to be the second or third most costly natural disaster in U.S. history, behind Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and close to Hurricane Andrew in 1992.” WNYC has also put together the breakdown as to where these funds would go. The Community Development Block Grant would get the biggest chunk, at $15 billion; Amtrak would get the smallest, at $32 million. Also in there is Federal Transit Administration for MTA, Port Authority of NY/NJ, NJTransit, and NYC DoT at $6.2 billion (perhaps some of this will go towards fixing the A line at Broad Channel).

New building going up on 31st Street by the Beer Garden in Astoria

We took a look at the Department of Buildings record for this new building at 23-88 31st Street and discovered that where a two story house stood, a seven story mixed-use building will be built. It will be 7 stores and will have 28 residential units in it. The folks that will be living here will be in a very convenient location – close to the subway, PS 85, and great restaurants. We look forward to seeing what it ends up looking like, too.


The Food Lovers’ Guide to Queens is delicious

Today is the first official day that the Food Lovers’ Guide to Queens is out! It is a handy guide that shares great restaurants, cafes, markets, and shops in the great borough of Queens. There are also a few recipes in there for tasty dishes – Mexican, Slovak, American, Indian, and Sicilian food. We’re giving away a copy, too. Enter to win!

We’ve also got two tickets to You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up!

Yes, that’s right – another giveaway! Can you stand it? We think so and we think you should enter to win two free tix to a performance of your choice to this show at the Queens Theater. You have about a day left to enter. Good luck!

Tastoria loves COFFEED

Sue Yacka (aka tastoria) stopped by COFFEED the other day and fell in love – that’s understandable, because it’s a great spot! Delicious coffee, amazing egg and cheese sandwiches, friendly staff, and a nice sense of community. And we’ve heard that they will start to roast their own beans, and later they’ll be adding beer and wine to their menu. This is very exciting.

Get to know the Entrepreneur Space

Do you know much about the Entrepreneur Space? They are a wonderful incubator kitchen space in LIC (just a block from the amazing COFFEED, by the way). Here’s more info:

The Entrepreneur Space is a partnership between the Queens Economic Development Corporation and Mi kitchen es su kitchen ®.Funded in part through the New York City Economic Development Corporation, this innovative incubator provides a home to emerging businesses and organizations seeking offices, a commercial kitchen and/or classroom/meeting space. In addition to space, clients can receive business counseling, technical assistance and networking opportunities – all at a reasonable cost.

Kew Gardens’ Civic Virtue will be in Brooklyn soon

It’s true – the controversial statue Tribute to Civic Virtue will be moved to the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. On November 13, the City Design Commission ruled to permanently relocate it. By then it will have lived in three of the five boroughs. Have you wondered why it got moved from Manhattan to Queens in the first place? Read on (thanks, Kew Gardens Civic Association):

Civic Virtue stood in front of City Hall until Mayor La Guardia decided he was sick of being mooned by it everytime he left the office. In 1941, La Guardia finally thought of a way to get rid of the thing. He made a gift of the statue to Queens County in honor of the opening of its new Borough Hall. Civic Virtue was moved to the park next to Borough Hall where it has remained since.

Here’s hoping something interesting takes its place in Kew Gardens.

Occupy Sandy profiled in NYDN video

The NY Daily News put together this very interesting video about the Occupy Sandy folks, who have been helping tremendously in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.