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If you live in Brooklyn, you’re used to seeing the signs up on telephone poles, letting you know that your street is going to be blocked off for a shoot.Thanks to its historic neighborhoods and its wealth of architectural styles, Brooklyn is a favorite for location shoots, both contemporary and period.

So it’s not surprising that Brooklyn ends up on television a lot. If you’re binge-watching one of these series on Hulu or Netflix, keep your eye out for one of your favorite Brooklyn landmarks.


In The Americans, FX’s Reagan-era KGB couple Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings (played by Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell) play Soviet spies pretending to be an American couple, while juggling relationships with their kids and neighbors. The award-winning show is set in Washington, DC, but many parts of Brooklyn double for the capital.

In Season 3 The Jennings walk on a snowy Cadman Plaza Park on the edge of Brooklyn Heights. (Tillary to Cranberry Streets, Cadman Plaza East to West). In another episode, Carroll Park is the setting where Elizabeth Jennings spies on Kimberly Breland (Julia Garner), the daughter of a US government official in the show. Elizabeth Jennings also trains a young South African in spycraft while walking on Hicks street between Cranberry and Orange.

The Americans shooting at Cadman Plaza Park photo courtesy of DNAinfo via FX Networks.


It’s been about two-and-a-half years since we checked in on the condo at 320 Knickerbocker Avenue in Bushwick, a conversion that’s since been branded The Knick and launched sales. These days, a broker at the site says 15 of its 49 units, or around 30 percent, have sold. The first closings began in February and since then there have been regular move-ins. The broker also says that because “the 30% mark is a big milestone for FHA mortgages, move-ins are accelerating.” Available units are running from $299,000 to $615,000, according to the condo’s website.
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Photo by Michael Weinstein