This week at the Community Board 3 meeting, Chair Henry Butler gave an update on the hoped-for conversion of a section of Bed-Stuy’s Sumner Armory into a rec center. It sounds like wheels are still in motion for the plan but it’s not yet a sure thing. Butler said Pratt has just completed a proposal for the conversion and now funding needs to be secured to conduct a feasibility study. A meeting on the matter is planned for the end of the month with Marty Markowitz, who previously committed funding to improve the facility. The wish is to turn a portion of the building, which is now used exclusively as a homeless shelter, into a community and athletic facility a la the conversion of the Park Slope Armory. As Patch reported earlier this year, the community board has been engaged in a tug-of-war with the Department of Homeless Services over securing space in the armory. GMAP