After a spate of gun violence in Bed Stuy and Clinton Hill, NYC Public Advocate Letitia James has called for a meeting this week:

As I am sure you aware, our neighborhood has seen an increase in gang and gun violence these past few weeks. We have felt the pain in our hearts as too many members of our community have been shot and killed by such shootings. This needs to be stopped and needs to be stopped now.

In light of these recent shootings, I am calling an emergency meeting between all levels of government and the community. We cannot stand idly while such wanton acts of violence happen within a community that has so much life. With the help of our local police the 79th and 88th Police Precincts, lead by Deputy Inspector John Chell and Captain Peter Fiorillo, as well as the P.B.B.N. and P.S.A 3, lead by Deputy Chief Jeffrey Maddrey and Captain Peter Fiorillo, I am certain we can work together to find a way to bring a stop to the gang violence that continues to plague our neighbors, our friends, and our families.

But none can fight this alone. We will need to come together, not with blame, but with a proactive solution that we will then work together to achieve. I need your help to make out community safe again. Please join me from 6-​8 ​pm on Wednesday August 19th at 279 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, the Emmanuel Baptist Church where we can start our work on a path to heal this community.”


I met a dog at a parade on Sunday, a dog named Spike. That’s Spike in the shot above. He’s Irish, apparently.

The parade was the St. Pat’s Day For All event, held in Sunnyside. For those of us who live anywhere nearby, it signals that Spring is on the way, and it’s a “do not miss it” kind of thing. The shots in this post are selected from a much larger set of better than a hundred shots, which I’ve made available over at Flickr. If you or your group marched in the St. Pat’s Day for All parade, there might be a shot of you in there.

Click here for a slideshow (opens in a new window) of everything and everyone that caught my eye.

The parade is predicated on inclusivity, and its organizers opine that everyone can be Irish on St. Pat’s.

From their website:

The St. Pat’s for All parade celebrates the diversity of the Irish and Irish American communities of New York. First held in 2000, St.Pat’s for All cherishes and celebrates an inclusive St. Patrick’s season. Ours is the first in the 260 years + of Irish parades in New York City to be open and welcoming to all who wish to share in the spirit of the day. We err on the side of hospitality. Our theme “cherishing all the children of the nation equally” is taken from the 1916 Easter Proclamation of the Irish Republic. It is a vision drawn from our past and a guide for our present & future.

See tons of photos of the event right after the jump…


Harlem was long considered the epicenter of black political power in this city, but now Brooklyn, with three newly elected black candidates, has become the new home for much of the city’s black politics, according to the Daily News.

Public advocate elect Letitia James, the first black woman elected to citywide office (above); Ken Thompson, soon to become Brooklyn’s first black district attorney; and Eric Adams, who will become the borough’s first black president, are all natives of central Brooklyn.