Brooklyn Coronavirus Update and Open Thread: Hearing on Police Brutality (6/17/20)

Photo by Susan De Vries


    We’re in the 14th week of sheltering in place and the 60th day of home schooling for New York City schools.

    Attorney General Letitia James is holding an online public forum today for people to testify about police brutality during protests in New York City.

    A man in Crown Heights is suing the NYPD for pushing him into hot coals while breaking up a barbecue outside his home on Memorial Day. (This is not the same incident during which people were beaten inside the lobby of their building in Crown Heights for holding a barbecue on private property after curfew on Memorial Day.)

    Areas around police stations in Brooklyn and elsewhere in the city continue to be barricaded, Gothamist reports.

    Surprisingly, a seafood restaurant has opened in Clinton Hill. They are focusing on takeout for now.

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