The Fulton Area Business Alliance recently published the renderings for the redesigned Fowler Square, a public plaza at Fulton Street and Lafayette Avenue in Fort Greene. The design team integrated the community’s suggestions from a workshop in April and displayed the renderings at Fowler Square on October 19. They plan to present the designs to Community Board Two and the Public Design Commission this month. Construction of the new plaza is scheduled to start next fall.

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Fort Greene’s brand-spanking-new Fowler Square is up and running today, after only eight days of construction. The pedestrian space on South Elliott Place was already in use this morning. Other improvements: curb extensions, tables, chairs, planters, and Belgian block repairs. As for South Elliot Place, DOT plans to study traffic and pedestrian flow with the green street in place and report its findings to CB2 this winter. Check out close-up shots taken this morning after the jump.
Fowler Square Renovation Has Begun in Fort Greene [Brownstoner]


The transformation of Fowler Square into a pedestrian plaza has started! As you can see in the photo, a corner of the plaza is being expanded into Fulton Street. DOT will also turn the short block of South Elliott Place into a pedestrian, car-less zone. The city will also install moveable tables and chairs, granite blocks, epoxy gravel, and 18 new planters. The Belgian blocks and sidewalk will be repaired and more plantings will go in around General Fowler. Considering there was some neighborhood resistance against closing off South Elliott Place, DOT plans to conduct additional traffic and pedestrian studies and ask for more community feedback after the plaza’s is in place. They will go to CB2 with their findings this winter. For now, though, all this should be done in time for summer.
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Concerns Aired at Fowler Square Plaza Meeting [Brownstoner]


Two public plazas will open this summer in Fort Greene and Downtown Brooklyn, one at Fowler Square and the other at Fox Square, off of Flatbush Avenue and Fulton Street. Fowler Square, a DOT project proposal rendered above that met with some resistance from nearby residents, got full support from Community Board 2’s public transportation committee last night. That plaza will be temporary and expand across South Elliott Place. Some vocal opponents opposed street closure but DOT found that the short block only sees 95 cars at peak hour times (a very low number, compared to many other blocks nearby) and is host to much more foot traffic. DOT vetted the street closure with FDNY and the Sanitation Department, and across the board DOT found closing South Elliott would have very little impact on quality of life. So, in early-to-mid May, DOT will close off the block and install moveable tables and chairs, granite blocks, epoxy gravel, and 18 new planters. The Belgian blocks and sidewalk will be repaired and more plantings will go in around General Fowler. After this temporary plaza goes in, DOT will conduct additional traffic and pedestrian studies and ask for more community feedback, presenting their findings to the board next winter. If the temporary plaza works out, it will stay in place.
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During Monday’s Fort Greene Association meeting, Chair Paul Palazzo announced the results of a recent community poll concerning the plan to transform Fowler Square into a pedestrian plaza. At a meeting in June, some community members expressed concerns about aspects of the plan, especially the notion of extending the plaza onto South Elliott Place and cutting off through-traffic. Palazzo said the community definitely wants landscaping and possibly seating, but were split 50/50 on whether the square should retain its existing footprint or partially expand. The majority of residents polled did not want the full expansion onto South Elliott Place. Nearby business owners, apparently, felt the same way. The DOT granted up to $2.5 million in funding for the Fowler Square redesign and will hold more public workshops after conducting a traffic study. If the redesign happens, construction should begin in the spring of 2013. Further down on Fulton, the Putman Triangle pedestrian plaza project is well under way and will officially open this weekend.
Concerns Aired at Fowler Square Meeting [Brownstoner]


Last night, and the night before it, the Fulton Area Business Alliance, DOT and the Pratt Center for Community Development hosted community workshops about plans to transform Fort Greene’s Fowler Square, between Lafayette and Fulton Avenue, into a public plaza. The Alliance hoped to get feedback and ideas for possible designs schemes, but last night the meeting instead involved a great deal of shouting from residents who are strongly against the idea of the plaza. There are currently three options on the table for the plaza’s redesign: The space can remain its current size (3,200 square feet); there could be a partial extension to Lafayette and South Elliot Place (making it 4,800 square feet with no parking spots lost and traffic flow maintained); or there could be a full extension to South Elliott Place (which means it would 8,600 square feet, two parking spots would be lost, and no through traffic would be allowed on South Elliott). Members of the community mostly focused on the possibility of cutting off traffic on South Elliott, with one saying, “This is like a mini Forest City Ratner.” Another resident said she didn’t like the idea of the city becoming countrified…