Yesterday the outgoing Borough President Helen Marshall celebrated the opening of a $23,000,000 event atrium at Borough Hall. The New York Daily News reports that the Forum, as it’s called, is 11,000 square feet and will be used for civic meetings and public events. According to the News, “The three-story space, featuring a large stage with floating canopy, can host 450 people for meetings, concerts and other events. New bathrooms are also in the works.” Construction should totally wrap early next year. Marshall received some flack for these plans over the rising price tag of the project, which started at $17,000,000. And since the city built the Forum over an open courtyard, the removal of cherry blossom trees for construction caused a little controversy.

Regardless, Marshall celebrated the space yesterday, stating, “For decades, public hearings and other public events were held in cramped and unimproved quarters upstairs. Now, for the first time, the people of Queens will have a fitting public space in our county seat of government.”

Outgoing Queens Borough President Helen Marshall Unveils $23M Borough Hall Event Space [NY Daily News]