NYCHA Farm at Red Hook Houses. Photo via Added Value

Crown Heights resident Sade Bennett is just one of many Brooklynites benefiting from a growing initiative to create gardens in Brooklyn’s food deserts. Through her work on a single-acre farm, the 25-year-old has learned how to grow and cook produce, bringing her closer to goals of bettering her health and community.


[We’re happy to have Anne Shisler-Hughes bring us this fascinating overview of Queens history through its historic buildings. -Ed.]

Queens history is rich and impressive, reaching back to colonial times. However, sometimes it’s tricky to get a sense of it, since new legacies rise up to take the place of old ones. Luckily, there are fantastic museums around the borough where you can tap into the stories of those who have lived in Queens over the centuries.

The Dutch were here first, so it’s fitting that some visible evidence of their early existence should remain. Industrial Ridgewood, with its massive warehouses, in contrast hosts “the oldest Dutch colonial stone house in New York City” in The Vander Ende – Onderdonk House.