Brownsville Farm Celebrating Its First Harvest Festival This Saturday


    The Brownsville Farm, a formerly vacant lot turned into a half-acre of urban agriculture, is hosting its first harvest festival this weekend.

    Built to rejuvenate adjacent housing complex the Marcus Garvey Apartments, the farm includes 22 raised beds and a greenhouse, where kale, lettuce and other greens have been rooting since the summer.

    The farm was created in an effort to revitalize the apartments, while keeping them affordable, through a partnership between urban farming initiative Project EATS and management company L+M Development Partners.

    The Brownsville Harvest Festival goes from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday October 17. The event will include free health screenings and a fitness demonstration, as well as a neighborhood cook-off.

    To RSVP, email Rachel Roseneck at

    The Brownsville Farm is one of six Project EATS farms in Brooklyn; the nonprofit has two other farms in Brownsville, as well as locations in East New York and Crown Heights.

    L&M Development Partners bought the 625-unit Marcus Garvey Apartments, a Mitchell Lama property, from DeMatteis Organizations for $98,600,000 in 2014. They now plan a $50,000,000 renovation of the complex. The vacant lot where the farm sits, on the corner of Dumont at 251 Chester Street, was included in the purchase.

    [Photo: Project EATS]

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