Skiing in Astoria Park this winter might become a reality

It looks like Astoria Park may become home to a ski slope this winter with free lessons and access. Sugarbush, a Vermont-based ski resort, is poised to install a ski slope along the Great Meadow in the park. Having been there in Astoria Park just this morning, we can verify that the slope is fairly long and could provide a location for a decent descent down the hill. This could be a truly fun thing to do this winter in Astoria. Classes will be available, too, and we understand the whole thing will be free! A snow machine would even be operation, in case we don’t get any (or much) snow. Awesome.

Urbanathlon? It’s happening this weekend in Flushing

We heard about this event called an “Urbanathlon” that’s going on in Flushing this weekend, and wondered what the heck it is. Turns out it’s a 9 and a half mile endurance race organized by Men’s Health magazine. CBS reports that “competitors will climb over a long series of city taxi cabs, crawl over city buses, and climb stairs at Citi Field and Arthur Ashe Stadium — along with traditional challenges.” Perhaps a little parkour-ish, too. Men’s Health Publisher Ronan Gardiner says, “I think jumping taxi cabs is everybody’s favorite part of the event.” Sounds about right.

A secret spooky elevator lives in LIC

Check out this crazy cool elevator on 47th Avenue in LIC – it’s all decked out in orange, black and green, and there’s even a little monster painted into the whole thing. The building used to house a Macy’s warehouse. Be sure you catch the upside down school bus installation, too.

WHA Haikus move to Facebook

We Heart Astoria has started posting their exclusive haikus by Astoria Haiku on their Facebook page. Check out the most recent one here. Love the “Welcome to LaGuardia Airport” sign!

Get your Indonesian satay year-round in Astoria

Omnivorous fans of the Indonesian food bazaar, take heart! Although the range of food might be in hibernation til late Spring 2013, you can still get your satay on. One of the vendors from the bazaar has opened a stall that operates from around 12:30-2pm at the mosque on Fridays, offering up satay in chicken, beef, and lamb, and served with lontong (pressed rice cubes) and peanut sauce. Super yum.