A hidden, spooky art installation in Long Island City


    To get you into the Halloween spirit, we thought we would share photos from a hidden spot in Long Island City.

    Believe it or not, it’s an elevator. It looks totally plain on the outside, but when you step inside, you’re in another world.


    There are little monster heads sticking out of holes in the painted metal.


    After hearing about this crazy elevator on Scouting New York, we had to go check it out for ourselves. It’s at 30-30 47th Avenue (GMAP), in an office building called L.I.C. Business Center I. Walk all the way to the back of the building and take the freight elevator next to the funky fragmented school bus sculpture.


    The “dragon elevator” and the school bus installation are left over from the days when the building was a Macy’s warehouse. They are the work of artists John Carter, J.J. Veronis, and Johnny Swing. Apparently, the whole lobby used to be decorated in a similar style, but most of the works were removed to make way for a more conventional-looking office environment. The former landlord/developer, Irwin Cohen, went on to create Chelsea Market.

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