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New Schools
Bloomberg administration touts new Queens schools to open in September [Queens Chronicle]
City to put new schools in several struggling Queens high school buildings [Daily News]

Overcrowded Schools
Hunters Point Kindergarten Wait List Jumps 50 Percent in Growing Nabe [DNAinfo]
New Hunters Point School to Focus on Ecology and the Waterfront [DNAinfo]
Queens ‘Epicenter for Schools Overcrowding’ Works Within Limitations [DNAinfo]

Closing Schools
Panel votes to phase out two Queens schools, may still truncate third [Queens Courier]
DOE: Students can transfer out of failing schools [Queens Courier]
Two Queens Schools Set To Shutter [Queens Tribune]
Queens schools set for shuttering get squeezed instead [The New York World]


Image source: Times Ledger – the Campus Magnet complex in Cambria Heights, Queens

The Times Ledger reports that a handful of schools in Queens – South Jamaica’s Edward K. Ellington School/PS 140 (GMAP); two Cambria Heights Campus Magnet high schools – Business, Computer Applications and Entrepreneurship (GMAP), and Law, Government and Community Service (GMAP); and the 8th grade at PS 156 in Laurelton (GMAP) have been asked to close.