Yesterday, Assembly Member Aravella Simotas met with the Department of Transportation and Queens Borough Commissioner Dalila Hall to discuss possible fixes for a dangerous intersection in Astoria. The location in question is at 32nd Street and Astoria Boulevard North, adjacent to the exit ramp of the Grand Central Parkway. The 114th Precinct calls this the most accident-prone intersection in the area — according to a press release, “Currently, drivers exiting the Grand Central Parkway must cross three crowded lanes of traffic, often composed of truck traffic driving west on Astoria Boulevard North, in order to reach local streets. Likewise, trucks exiting the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway following Astoria Boulevard must cross this local traffic to reach the RFK Bridge and points west.” This creates gridlock as well as numerous pedestrian and automobile accidents.

In coming months, Assembly Member Simotas will work with the DOT and Commissioner Hall to determine the best means of re-configuring the intersection. As Simotas says, “Our goal is to ensure the free flow of traffic, pedestrians, and goods through Astoria as safely as possible.”

Photo via the Office of Assembly Member Aravella Simotas