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The photos above come courtesy of Joseph Zvejnieks, and they document the renovation he and his wife did to the co-op they bought at 246 Cornelia Street in Bushwick. Zvejnieks wrote: “Over the last 5 years as we would save money, we would tackle one project. We rinse and repeated that cycle more times then I thought I could stand but we have finished. It was hard, mostly because of our financial situation, but rewarding, which is my point of bringing this to you. I think people in my shoes, have a little money, but not much really can do this. A lot of the projects you guys feature are fantastic but out of reach for a lot of people. I think while it’s inspiring it can also be dejecting because you feel like there is no way you can do that. I thought that this story might be inspiring to people who are buying a place for 200k.” The first part of the $30,000 reno involved the kitchen…