Shelter in Place Making You Lose Your Mind?


    Coronavirus has created a city of home-bounds, throwing everyone out of their routines and creating a LOT of stress. Distractions often cause accidents, so be sure you have the proper apartment insurance coverage — so it will be easier financially and practically to replace your stuff, just in case…

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    1. Fire.

    Nearly 50 percent of house fires are cooking related. Whether baking cookies with your kids or cooking a gourmet meal with your quarantine mate, it’s good to know if you leave the oven or toaster on and cause a house fire, apartment insurance will cover the damage.

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    2. Water.

    So distracted that you let the tub or sink overflow? #!@$! Good thing you’re covered for damage done to your stuff by overflowing toilets, sinks, tubs and washing machines — either your own or from your neighbor upstairs.

    nyc renters insurance Gotham

    3. Theft.

    To relieve your cabin fever, you go for a walk and forget to lock the door — creating an opportunity for a thief…even if they intended to just borrow some toilet paper. If you currently have coverage, Gotham can help make sure you’ve got the right plan to cover your valuables.

    nyc renters insurance Gotham

    4. Accidents.

    How many virtual happy hours have you had so far? Well, guess what? If your roommate trips and falls, he/she/they can sue you. Luckily, you are covered.

    Gotham Brokerage, New York City’s No. 1 apartment insurance broker (based on Yelp reviews because we understand the needs of New Yorkers), has been there for 50-plus years, through all sorts of ups and downs.

    Just fill out the quick form, give them a call at +1 (212) 406-7300 or shoot them an email at — to get a quick coverage review. And please stay safe and healthy.

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