Thinking of Downsizing Your Apartment Insurance? Think Again: ‘Savings’ May Not Be Savings


    Whether you’re an owner or renter, it might not be a good idea to cut back on your insurance, especially now. Why? Here are a few examples:

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    1. If you are forced out of your apartment by a fire or extensive water damage from a broken pipe (a “covered loss”), apartment insurance covers your expenses for a hotel while repairs are done. These costs can be significant, and these days it is not so easy to just crash with friends or relatives, especially with significant others or kids in tow.

    gotham brokerage

    2. Thinking of renting a car to get a much-needed change of scenery? Some insurance policies cover your liability as a short term automobile renter. But many don’t. Even if your policy does not, Gotham can arrange non-owned auto coverage.

    gotham brokerage

    3. If money is tight, Gotham can help you find ways to save on your insurance: either with higher deductibles, credits for internet-connected security devices or reducing limits to fit new situations.

    Contact Gotham Brokerage, a local, super service-oriented brokerage that will find the right apartment insurance to meet your needs. Consider them your risk consultants – they are New York City’s number one apartment insurance broker and have been at it for more than 50 years.

    And they can give you a free quote in minutes. Just fill out the quick form, give them a call at +1 (212) 406-7300 or shoot them an email at

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