Neighbors Concerned About Ongoing Work at Carlton Site


    A reader wrote in Saturday morning after spotting construction workers at the Carlton Mews townhouses, a development project slapped with a stop work order by the Department of Buildings after a construction accident killed one of the workers last week. He said:

    Despite the stop work orders for all five buildings, the crew is out working with large ground moving equipment today (they also do not have work variance permits). I called 911 and the police responded… Immediately when I arrived with the police, the guy in the picture started questioning me, asking “What’s wrong? Who are you?” I told him that I was a neighbor and that there were stop work orders that he was violating. He basically responded “No, it’s fine.” I told him “Are you kidding me? One of your crew members died this week. This is ridiculous.” Incredibly, he responded by waving me off, indifferently.

    The worker on site also argued with the police, and our tipster had to leave so does not know how it was resolved. It is unknown at this point whether the work being done was legal and related to securing the site post-collapse or whether it was unsanctioned. There was some repair work on the collapsed building last week.
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