More Applications Being Accepted at Navy Green


    According to Myrtle Minutes, 7 Clermont Avenue, the third building of the Navy Green affordable housing complex, is now accepting applications to rent. Check out the 7 Clermont website for the application and more details. The income brackets are a little wider than those accepted at 45 Clermont Avenue, where move-ins have already begun. (The second building completed, 40 Vanderbilt Avenue, strictly has apartments for low-income singles and single individuals previously homeless.) At 7 Clermont,the max income is $38,520 for a three bedroom and $34,860 for a studio. the max income goes all the way up to $125,190 for a three bedroom. See a full breakdown of the income guidelines after the jump. Applications are due for these units June 13, 2012.
    7 Clermont [Official Site]
    Applications now being accepted @ Navy Green Apts, 7 Clermont [Myrtle Minutes]

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