Did Matt Damon and His Family Move Into The Standish in Brooklyn Heights This Week?

Building photo via The Standish, Matt Damon photo by Nicolas Genin via Wikipedia


Actor Matt Damon, Luciana Barroso and their four children moved into the penthouse apartment on top of the The Standish — aka Superman’s building — earlier this week, according to sources cited by the Brooklyn Heights Blog. Here’s what they say:

The intel comes from a Facebook friend of your correspondent who also resides on Columbia Heights. When the source witnessed “many truck loads of stuff being moved in” earlier this week, they conducted a bit of their own “Good Will Hunting.” They inquired of “nosey neighbor” who confirmed, “You know, Matt Damon moved in yesterday.”

If Damon and his family did snap up the 6,218 square foot abode located on floors 11, 12 and the roof, the sale has yet to hit public records. If the triplex at 171 Columbia Heights does indeed close for the asking price of $16.645 million, it will eclipse the existing $15.5 record holder.

matt damon brooklyn heights 171 columbia heights

Lobby of The Standish. Photo via Corcoran

The Standish, a 12-story Beaux Arts apartment house, was designed by Frank S. Lowe and built in 1903. It was originally called the Standish Arms, which comic fans may recognize as the name of the building where Clark Kent lived in Room 5H. Brooklyn Heights resident Arthur Miller also used the name for the the hotel where Willie Loman has an affair in “Death of a Salesman.”

The building was purchased by the Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1981, then sold in 2007 to an investment group that converted it into rentals.

Now its been turned into a 31-unit condo by the development and design firm DDG and Westbrook Partners, who restored the brick and limestone facade and put the first units up for sale in 2016.

The family will have company on the 11th floor. Austin, Tex.-based pharma exec Ismail Kola and his wife, Rihanna, closed on 11A Wednesday, August 23, for $7.135 million, public records reveal.

It seems the condo’s lawyers have been busy: The building’s website shows no more units are available.

[Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog]

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