Long Island College Hospital is Likely to Close


It looks like, despite the protests of hospital staff and local politicians, Long Island College Hospital will close its doors after a 155-year-long run in Cobble Hill. The New York Times reports that the final vote will come this week and that the president of SUNY Downstate Medical Center has already recommended closure. The New York Post goes one step further and says that the hospital is definitely shutting down and will potentially be converted into luxury housing after it’s sold. (According to earlier reports, this sale could bring in as much as $100 million for SUNY, which is virtually broke.) This hospital provides the only emergency service to the Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights area. SUNY will hold a public hearing on Thursday, the vote will be made Friday and then the closure plan will go to the State Health Department for approval. SUNY Downstate bought the ailing Long Island College Hospital for $205,350,000 only two years ago in an attempt to save it.
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