Last Week’s Biggest Sales


1. PARK SLOPE $3,850,000
113 St. John’s Place GMAP P*Shark
A HOTD we listed in February. It was purchased for $2,900,000 back in 2007. We said, “Despite disagreeing with their choice to put recessed lighting in the parlor floor, we’re liking the look and feel of the rest of the interiors very much.” Someone else did, too — it was asking $3,750,000. Deed recorded on 4/4/2013.

2. GRAVESEND $3,400,000
2050 East 3rd Street GMAP P*Shark
No listing for this one-family home. The PropertyShark photo above was taken three years ago, so we don’t know that’s its current state. Deed recorded on 4/2/2013.

3. PARK SLOPE $2,830,000
409 8th Street GMAP P*Shark
A HOTD pick in March. It was listed for $2,995,000 after a failed attempt last spring asking $3,195,000. It’s a modern renovation that we said “is likely to split the vote.” Deed recorded on 4/4/2013.

4. WILLIAMSBURG $2,443,800
34 North 7th Street, #TH1 GMAP P*Shark
The listing was pulled for this three bed/three-and-a-half bath unit at The Edge. Deed recorded on 4/1/2013.

5. GOWANUS $2,055,500
96 2nd Street GMAP P*Shark
An Open House Pick in December 2012. Back then it was asking $1,900,000. You can see the listing for this three family home here. This has to be one of the biggest sales to hit Gowanus… Deed recorded on 4/4/2013.

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