Last Week’s Biggest Sales


1. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS $2,708,545.00
360 Furman Street #1004 GMAP P*Shark
Listing pulled for this two bed/two bath unit. Deed recorded on 3/8/2013.

2. DUMBO $2,647,450
37 Bridge Street, #THA GMAP P*Shark
This is one of the new townhouses at the Kirkman Loft development. The home has three bedrooms over 2,512 square feet. There’s also an elevator in the townhouse! It was listed at the beginning of this year for $2,600,000. Deed recorded on 3/5/2013.

3. MANHATTAN BEACH $1,980,000
183 Gerard Street GMAP P*Shark
Here’s the old listing for this two-family home. The home was on the market for much of 2011 around the mid $2 million mark. Deed recorded on 3/4/2013.

4. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS $1,885,762
20 Henry Street, #2BS GMAP P*Shark
A four bed/three bath condo unit. It hit the market in March 2012 for $1,825,000. Deed recorded on 3/6/2013.

5. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS $1,600,625.50
20 Henry Street, #4BS GMAP P*Shark
A three bed/two bath condo unit. This one entered contract in the get-go, at it’s ask of $1,550,000. Streeteasy shows only one studio unit left at the entire 20 Henry condo development. Deed recorded on 3/8/2013.

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