Last Week’s Biggest Sales


1. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS $5,250,000
264 Henry Street GMAP P*Shark
We posted about this sale last week. It was House of the Day in November asking $5,775,000. Entered into contract on 12/27/12; closed on 12/27/12; deed recorded on 1/7/2013.

2. CARROLL GARDENS $4,025,000
356 Sackett Street GMAP P*Shark
This huge Carroll Gardens sale also got its own post. A HOTD this fall that quickly went into contract. It was asking $4,099,000. Entered into contract on 10/3/12; closed on 12/18/12; deed recorded on 1/9/2013.

3. PARK SLOPE $3,450,000
33 Montgomery Place GMAP P*Shark
This home went into contract in the fall. It was listed over the summer for $3.650 million. Entered into contract on 11/12/12; closed on 12/21/12; deed recorded on 1/11/2013.

4. CARROLL GARDENS $3,045,000
52 Second Place GMAP P*Shark
Here’s the listing for this brownstone, which was asking $2,795,000 and went into contract in less than a month. Entered into contract on 10/15/12; closed on 12/20/12; deed recorded on 1/11/2013.

5. MIDWOOD $3,025,000
1127 East 7th Street GMAP P*Shark
No listing for this home. Entered into contract on 11/9/12; closed on 12/27/12; deed recorded on 1/11/2013.

Honorable Mentions: 113 Willow Street, HOTD in March, closed for $2,900,000.

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