Last Week’s Biggest Sales


1. WILLIAMSBURG $2,576,172.50
34 North 7th Street #TH2 GMAP P*Shark
The listing was pulled for this unit at the Edge. Entered into contract on 8/31/12; closed on 10/22/12; deed recorded on 11/8/2012.

2. DUMBO $1,858,296.07
205 Water Street #7B GMAP P*Shark
This unit also came with a parking space. Entered into contract on 9/5/12; closed on 10/24/12; deed recorded on 11/8/2012.

3. CARROLL GARDENS $1,812,500.00
49 2nd Place GMAP P*Shark
A HOTD this summer. We said, “On the one hand, it’s refreshing to see a house in Carroll Gardens listed for less than $2 million; on the other, this two-family pad is only three stories and in need of a major makeover so it’s not like $1,900,000 is a give-away price.” Entered into contract on 7/23/12; closed on 10/17/12; deed recorded on 11/9/2012.

4. MIDWOOD $1,745,000
1701 Ocean Parkway GMAP P*Shark
No listing available for this home. Entered into contract on 10/11/12; closed on 10/11/12; deed recorded on 11/1/2012.

5. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS $1,624,108.75
9 College Place #3L GMAP P*Shark
This is a two-bed, two-bath condo at the Love Lane Mews. This unit sold just above its asking price of $1,595,000. Entered into contract on 8/20/12; closed on 10/24/12; deed recorded on 11/9/2012.

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