Last Week’s Biggest Sales


1. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS $7,350,000
40 Willow Place GMAP P*Shark
A post on this sale ran last week. It’s a 45-foot-wide modernist design in the middle of Brooklyn Heights, what more is there to say? Oh, it’s also Brooklyn’s most valuable home. A HOTD last year. Entered into contract on 5/7/12; closed on 8/3/12; deed recorded on 8/15/2012.

2. GRAVESEND $4,625,000
477 Avenue T GMAP P*Shark
A one-family mansion on a 6,000-square-foot lot. Entered into contract on 8/1/12; closed on 8/1/12; deed recorded on 8/15/2012.

3. PARK SLOPE $2,850,000
522 2nd Street GMAP P*Shark
No listing for this two-family home. Entered into contract on 5/15/12; closed on 7/31/12; deed recorded on 8/15/2012.

4. PARK SLOPE $2,325,000
532 8th Street GMAP P*Shark
Here’s a bit about the building from the listing: “Built by the prolific developer/architect duo, Williams Reynolds and Benjamin Dreisler, this three-sided bay front limestone is in a consecutive row of 12 townhouses that are completely intact.” The home was asking $2,095,000. Entered into contract on 5/25/12; closed on 7/25/12; deed recorded on 8/14/2012.

5. COBBLE HILL $1,900,000
269 Sackett Street GMAP P*Shark
This is a four-story four-family townhouse. Asking $2,175,000. Entered into contract on 5/24/12; closed on 8/02/12; deed recorded on 8/15/2012.

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