Foreclosure for Giant Lot at 85 Flatbush Ave Extension


    Now this is interesting: One month after the DOB renewed permits at 85 Flatbush Avenue Extension, the DoBro lot once slated to be a 21-story residential tower, the entire site’s gone up for foreclosure. Property Shark shows a lien of $17,291,822. The Real Deal reported this January that the site was up for sale — with the massive lien attached. Apparently no takers, probably because it’ll be up for auction on Nov. 29 — check out the details after the jump. But why would anyone go through the trouble of renewing the building plans and switching the architect from Ismael Leyva to Gene Kaufman if foreclosure was so close? Anybody have more intel on this site? We’re dying to know!
    Permits Renewed for Tower at Flatbush Extension [Brownstoner] GMAP P*Shark DOB

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