Community Board Approves Bike Lanes for Brownsville


    This week Community Board 16 approved the DOT’s proposal for bike lanes in Brownsville. A representative at the nonprofit Community Solutions, which works in the neighborhood, said, “We have been working with the DOT and partner orgs for two years on this and we are thrilled that this is finally happening. It is another step forward as we work to create a safer, healthier and more prosperous Brownsville.” Streetsblog reported that 15 miles of Brownsville streets will get the green paint, including New Lots Avenue, Pitkin Avenue, Mother Gaston Boulevard, and a north/south lane pair on Hendrix Street and Schenck Avenue. Expect installation to happen this spring. The DOT will also install 600 bike racks around the neighborhood.
    Bike Lanes Come to Brownsville [Community Solutions]
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    Photo by the NYC DOT via Streetsblog

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