Top 10 Brooklyn Real Estate Listings: A Condo in Superman’s Building and an Airy Park Slope Co-op


    2. Here’s a two-bedroom spread in the Standish, the former apartment hotel at 171 Columbia Heights that’s being turned into ultra-expensive condos sporting East River views. The 12-story Beaux Arts building has an interesting history — Superman once lived here, for one thing. Designed by Frank S. Lowe and built in 1903, it was originally called the Standish Arms, which DC Comics fans will recognize as the name of the building where Clark Kent dwelled in Room 5H.


    171 Columbia Heights
    Price: $2.435 million
    Area: Brooklyn Heights
    Broker: Corcoran
    Brooklyn Heights Two-Bedroom Condo in Superman’s Building Asks $2.435 Million
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