5 Family-Friendly Homes Within the Coveted Park Slope P.S. 321 Zone Starting at $3,300 a Month


It’s no secret that Park Slope is a stroller-clogged haven for hundreds of Brooklyn families. The nabe just west of Prospect Park is home to idyllic tree-lined blocks and some of the city’s most coveted elementary schools. One such institution, P.S. 321, was the focus of a bit of a kerfuffle in 2012 when 10 blocks were cut from its school zone.

But you don’t need to own a brownstone to live within the remaining blocks of P.S. 321’s school district — you can always rent. Here are a handful of listings for family-size apartments ranging from fancy to just fine. And they’re all inside the bounds of P.S. 321’s current zone.

Living in zone doesn’t guarantee your child a place in P.S. 321, of course, but it certainly improves your chances.

(Note: Our map, below, is based on the latest information from independent nonprofit Insideschools and P.S. 321.)

Which would you choose?

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