185 York Street Buyers Still Waiting to Move In


    A soon-to-be tenant of 185 York Street, the Vinegar Hill condo building that sold out quickly, reports that the building has yet to receive its Certificate of Occupancy. She went into contract over the summer but has not been able to close because of the lack of a C of O. According to her, “way back in August/September I was told there was an issue with the standpipe which resulted in a failed inspection. It was corrected, but getting re-inspected has been an issue… we hope to have the C of O by the end of “this” month – [the broker] has said that every month since September. Curious to know if other buyers have similar issues or more info.” A broker here tells us that they are going through the last of the inspections and anticipate closings to begin in February or March. The sixteen available units, priced from $375,000 to $845,000, all went into contract at or above asking. Any other buyers out there who are going through the same thing as our tipster?
    Vinegar Hill Condos at 185 York Sell out Fast [Brownstoner]

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