Coley the osprey is back in Jamaica Bay


    Image source: Ranger Dave Taft, Gateway National Recreation Area

    We learned via the Osprey’s Journey blog that Coley, the osprey that scientists have been tracking throughout the winter, has made it back to Jamaica Bay! He was in South America during the winter, but as of 5:20pm on March 20, Coley was spotted by Jamaica Bay naturalist Don Riepe. Coley was “sitting in the marsh by his nest with his mate while she was eating a fish.”

    The scientists are particularly impressed with the time it took Coley to make it from Colombia to NYC – it was a 2,600 mile trip made in 15 days and 7 hours. Here are a couple of maps of his progress. First, from Colombia to Florida:


    And Florida to Maryland and Delaware:


    They do not have a map yet of his journey from the mid-Atlantic to Jamaica Bay. But rest assured, he is here. Congrats, Coley, for making it home! You and your lady enjoy that fish.

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