City Reaches out to Community Regarding Select Bus Service on Woodhaven Boulevard


    The Department of Transportation reached out to community leaders from Community Boards 5, 6, 9 and 10 about implementing Select Bus Service on Woodhaven Boulevard, reports the Forum Newsgroup. As the Forum says, “It was a positive discussion focused on safer streets, cleaner air, better quality of life and better traffic flow that will soon be opened up to the public.” Through SBS, the city hopes it can increase the speed of bus service by at least 15 percent and boost ridership as much as 10 percent. According to earlier reports, construction on SBS could start as soon as January 2015.

    The DOT plans to hold a larger public meeting in April for more input on ways to improve bus service and the pedestrian use of Woodhaven Boulevard. The city has tried to address congestion on Woodhaven since 2009; so far the DOT installed a curb extension on the southern part of the boulevard and widened some medians. The thoroughfare is the site of 293 total crashes since February 2012.

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