Borough President Melinda Katz Talks About Plans for Queens


    NY1 chatted with new borough president Melinda Katz, who won by a landslide on Tuesday, about the direction she plans to take in her new gig. Katz grew up in Forest Hills and has served on both the City Council and the state Assembly. She plans to build upon Helen Marshall’s investment in capital funding for parks and schools, as well as bring new economic development and jobs into Queens. She also tells NY1: “There should be high-tech industry in Long Island City. We should be building hotels and retail in Jamaica. We need to build the Rockaways better than they were before.” Not much in terms of specifics, but there you go. Katz did not comment on criticism that Helen Marshall did not do enough to move the borough forward. What changes would you particularly like to see from Marshall’s term to this one?

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