Where are the best places to check out the Queensway / Rockaway Beach Rail Line?


    Which way the Queensway will go is still uncertain. We’re of course hoping that whatever gets done (if anything) to this three mile stretch between Forest Hills and Atlantic Avenue is great. Right?

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    We do understand that making the decision of which way to go will be rough. People have different visions of what the future of the area should look like and what interests should be served.  Also, on a more here and now level, some of the rail line passes through commercial areas, some through Forest Park, while a majority passes by private backyards, e.g. privacy advocates and public access advocates have at it!

    If you want to check out the rail line yourself, there’s a good access point in Forest Park, at the Atlantic Avenue Station (GMAP). This platform still has lights in tact – after fifty years.

    Anyone want to recommend any other good access points? Let us know in  the comments or @QueensNYCity.



    Queensway light


    Queensway Atlantic station


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