The changes coming to the Rockaway beaches from the Parks Department


    Image source: Reuters via Travelers Today – what’s left of the boardwalk in some places in the Rockaways

    WNYC wrote about some of the changes coming to the Rockaway beaches this summer, from the plans by the city’s Parks Department:

    They include a boardwalk made of reclaimed wood and walkways with broom finish concrete; new Pavilions with wrap around billboards; and new bathrooms and lifeguard stations that will stand 12-feet above the beaches, in compliance with FEMA’s 500-year flood plan.

    Some of these changes have not made local residents really happy. For instance, the bathroom and lifeguard stations are seen as blocking the views.


    Image source: WNYC

    One person from Arverne said, “I don’t know if you realize, on Beach 66th on Beach 73rd there are homes that are just across the street, you’re essentially building restrooms in people’s front yards, backyards. Please consider the whole ecosystem, not just revamping the beach, but everything that makes the Rockaways beautiful.” These comfort stations will be installed in eight locations.

    Additionally, the food court planned for Beach 116 is seen as direct competition to the shops that are already there.

    Parks says they have released three RFPs (request for proposals) for food stands on the beach, kayak and bike rentals. Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski is committed to getting things in shape for the coming summer and beach season. She calls it “clean up, safe up and open up,” will cost $14 million, and expects it should be completed by May (parts of Jacob Riis Park and Fort Tilden may have sections that are still closed at that point). Locals are happy with the speed of it all, but are a bit disappointed that they were not consulted in the creation of this plan.

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