What’s Up With Gotham Center Development?


    A reader wrote in wondering what’s happening at Long Island City’s Gotham Center, the city-supported, Tishman Speyer development near Queensboro Plaza. Currently, the site is home to 2 Gotham Center, a shiny mid-rise tower housing the Department of Health. But as our tipster says: “This was always presented as ‘Phase 1’ of a larger development plan, but ever since that building went up, the rest of the ‘Center’ has just become a giant, glorified, fenced in gravel pit. It would be great to see some coverage on what, if any, plans exist to build out the rest of this Center or whether Tishman Speyer plans to just let it sit there while every other part of Queens Plaza gets developed.” It’s true, a very long time ago plans also called for housing and retail in at least two more towers. Trusted sources tell us that this remains Tishman’s project under the current contract, although there is no definite timeline for the second tower. That “giant, glorified, fenced in gravel pit” is likely to remain that way at least through the end of this year. GMAP

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