Updated: LIC’s Alobar petitions CB2 to get outdoor seating


    Alobar (GMAP) is petitioning CB2 to get outdoor seating. if you are a fan and want to support their effort, you can add your signature to their petition. (Note: there were 239 signature  as of 1030am on 4/13).

    Since it began Alobar Restaurant has worked hard to become a service to the community. We have proven ourselves to be quiet, respectful  and good neighbors. We have been told that what we give to Long Island City is a world class experience integral to LIC itself. To be allowed to use our beautiful walled outdoor cafe is extremely important for us to continue to be such a major part of this wonderful community of Hunters Point, Long Island City. Without it we will not be able to compete in the summer months, with so many other restaurants that already have outdoor seating.

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