Community Board Two Wants Fewer Film Shoots Around Hunters Point


    Members of Community Board Two are complaining that the neighborhood has become “a too-popular backdrop for production crews in recent years,” reports DNAinfo. CB2 wants the city to decrease the number of approved permits for film and TV shoots — one day last year, there were five different shoots happening in the neighborhood at once. The community complains that the crews block stores and take up parking spaces, particularly in areas around Vernon Boulevard, Borden Avenue, 11th Street and 48th Avenue.

    The city routinely evaluates the “frequency and size” of film shoots taking place thoroughout the city, and it’s possible they may put a temporary shooting restriction in the neighborhood. As CB2 chair Joe Conley told DNAinfo, “We certainly want them, but we want a rhyme and reason to it.”

    Hunters Point ‘Inundated’ With Film and TV Shoots, CB2 Says [DNAinfo]

    Photo by the Court Square Blog

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