Brooklyn Flea expands to Philly, while a Queens-based market is launched


    The Philly Post ran an interview today with Jonathan Butller, the founder of the Brooklyn Flea, which will be launching a market in Philly in June. From the The Philly Post:

    How long has the Brooklyn Flea Philly been in the works?
    Only a few months, actually. We only went down and looked at the site in March, and we’ve been talking about it since the beginning of the year. The general idea of doing a flea in Philadelphia has been around for quite some time though.

    Did someone come to you with the Piazza location?
    Yes. Jared Kushner [husband of Ivanka Trump and owner of the New York Observer newspaper] bought the Piazza, and he has a lot of exciting ideas. All the great stuff that Bart [Blatstein] has already done, he’s going to run the ball even further than Bart has. Jared sees the Piazza as a center of cultural energy. It’s the perfect place for us to try our first geographic expansion.

    Meanwhile, the news that a market to be named “LIC Flea & Food” is scheduled to be launched this June  in LIC has made its way around town over the last few days. Backed by the Queens Courier and to be hosted in a large lot owned by Plaxall, the LIC Flea joins the Queens County Market, which is a pop-up market,  as Queens-based entrants to the burgeoning food scene.

    Queens County Market coverage [QNYC]
    Disclosure: BlankSlate, which owns QueensNYC, manages the Brooklyn Flea website.



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