Lecture on Cider with Delicious Samples at King Manor on October 13th (Now Sold Out)


    Update: Please note that this lecture is sold out. However, Andy Brennan will participate in another cider event at The Queens Kickshaw in Astoria during NY Cider Week: www.thequeenskickshaw.com Plus, the next King Manor lecture is about Abraham Lincoln in November: http://bit.ly/1aqQola

    Apple cider was an extremely popular beverage in the U.S. from colonial days to the mid-19th century. Served hot or cold, fermented or fresh, it was safer to drink than water, and much easier and cheaper to produce than beer or wine. Queens was a center of cider production during these times as it was the birthplace of the Newtown Pippin, a fleshy-but-tart green and yellow apple that is still cultivated for cider today. No place was juicier than the King Manor in Jamaica, where the King family produced over 500 gallons of cider some years. With urbanization, industrialization and waves of beer- and whiskey-loving immigrants from Germany, Eastern Europe and Ireland in the late 19th century, cider’s popularity fell. But recently, cider production has made a comeback, especially in New York State. This Sunday, Andy Brennan from the Aaron Burr Cidery will offer a free lecture on cider at King Manor. Of course, he will enhance his presentation with plenty of samples.

    Details: The History of Cider-Making in New York, King Manor Museum, 150-03 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica, October 13th, 3 pm, free.

    Photo by Love Your Reflection

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