New Plaza Installed in Jackson Heights


    This week the 82nd Street Partnership and the Jackson Heights-Corona BID steering committee installed a new, temporary plaza at 90th Street and Roosevelt Avenue under the 7 tracks. The space, open everyday from 8 am to 5 pm, includes tables and chairs, new planters and a cultural program of music and other community activities. The 82nd Street Partnership will be in charge of the community programing, which will include musicians and bands who have played at past Partnership events. The Partnership installed this plaza in response to two murders that recently occurred in the area. Council Member Julissa Ferreras, who supported the plaza plans, stated, “Considering that two murders recently occurred in this area, the reclaiming of this space could not come at a better time. What our community desperately needs right now is to feel that we can work through whatever issues arise and be more united for it.” Ferreras throws her support behind the proposed Jackson Heights-Corona BID, which is not official yet and has caused some neighborhood controversy.

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